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Forest of Dean

Delight in a stunning rural visit to the Forest of Dean, which lies between the rivers Wye and Severn. It covers 100 square kilometres on the borders of Wales and Gloucestershire, and offers ample opportunity for serious walkers. Some attractions the forest offers includes:

The Dean Heritage Centre - gain insight into the forest inhabitants, from peat and coal diggers to charcoal burners and farmers who herded their livestock in the forest environment
Cave systems - marvel in the fascinating cave systems that were mined for iron ore and ochre
Railway centre - pore through a fascinating collection of old railway memorabilia 

Gloucester Docks

Visit the mouth of the River Severn, which is the embarkation point for thousands of early settlers to the new world. We also look at Gloucester Cathedral, and combine our tour with a insightful visit to Bristol. Some additional attractions of the tour that we visit include:

The Waterways museum - well worth a visit
Boat trip around the docks - observe how many have been converted into luxury apartments and offices
Gloucester Cathedral - Abbey founded in 681 AD in dedication to St Peter. More recently used in the filming of some Harry Potter movie scenes.
Bristol - for the full maritime experience with several restored ships and an old galleon replica

The New Forest

Embrace the pure and natural beauty of this stunning forest. We explore this striking woodland, which has been inhabited since the Neolithic times leaving plenty of evidence of Bronze and Iron Age settlements in the area. If you are a fan of wildlife there is no better place to be, as the forest is abundant with wild deer and birdlife for you to observe.

Our tour comes together with an insightful tour of either Salisbury or Stonehenge, or the south coast Christchurch or Sandbanks (the most expensive property area in Britain today).

Portsmouth Historic Docks & HMS Victory

Count on Sho4 Travel for an insightful nautical tour of the Portsmouth Docks. We combine this tour with a scenic and more roundabout route around areas of The New Forest, Berkshire Downs, and The Test Valley. Get in touch to book your tour.

This is an exceptional day out for all the family, but is only available for an extended day tour. We visit the huge area full of museums and displays, including the Mary Rose that was lifted from the harbour still complete with its ancient weapons and artefacts. Call us today if you want to visit:

• Horatio Nelson’s Flagship • The Victory • The Mary Rose


Salisbury & Old Sarum

Contact Sho4 Travel today if you’re interested in ancient history and civilisation. We offer a fascinating site visit to Sarum, which was the original Bronze Age settlement that Salisbury grew from. It was abandoned in 1200 AD and now serves as a valuable source of history.

Embrace your interest in the impressive Salisbury Cathedral that can be seen for miles around with the tallest church spire in England at 404 feet. The building of the cathedral started in 1220 and was completed in a record time of 38 years, with the spire being added later in 1334.

It is believed that the building has no solid foundations and instead was built on countless bundles of wood that must remain wet to give support. If they were ever to dry out there is a good chance that the cathedral could collapse! This tour can come as a package with Stonehenge and rural village tours.


Discover one of the great wonders of the world with a visit to magical Stonehenge. It was constructed more than 4000 to 5000 years ago with a supposed religious and timekeeping function, of which there are numerous theories. Now it has become a world heritage site and a mecca for sun worshippers and druids at the summer solstice, on the 21st of June.

One theory suggests that to the ancients who built Stonehenge, the winter solstice would have been much more important. It would herald the return of the longer days, the coming of spring, and a new growing season.

One thing to remember is that visitors are not permitted to enter the stone circle and touch the stones without special permission. This tour can be combined with the Bath trip for private groups only.


Waddesdon Manor

View this truly impressive example of upper class extravagance. Waddesdon Manor was built by the Rothschild family as one of a string of fabulous country houses. Inspired by a 16th century French Chateau, Waddesdon has magnificent gardens for you to enjoy and is home to a collection of art treasures and exotic furnishings that reflect the flamboyances of its original owners.

The Manor is operated by the National Trust and is situated high on a hill close to Aylesbury in exquisite grounds. It is a good idea to pre-book tickets if you would like to visit the house as this is done on a rotational basis and can be very busy at peak times.

Warwick Castle

Visit one of the best preserved castles in the country. Warwick Castle is built on the banks of the River Avon and ranks up alongside Windsor Castle in its glory. It is rated Britain’s top attraction by some tourist guides and has a whole host of features to amaze you. Visit Warwick Castle online to hear more.

Windsor Castle

Amaze yourself with an insightful tour around Windsor Castle from Sho4 Travel. It was originally constructed by William the Conqueror after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Over the years it has become of the homes to the Royal family, and contains a wealth of features to view such as:

• Paintings
• Porcelain

• Armoury • Statuary

Windsor Castle Tours

Combine your visit with a trip to Dorney Court and the town of Windsor and Eton (home to the famous boy’s school). We carry out our Windsor castle tour on a full day basis as it always takes at least half a day to see properly.

Enjoy a roundabout journey to Windsor that takes the back lanes of the Chiltern Hills, so you can enjoy the stunning houses in a whole host of styles and sizes. On the way back to your hotel we also take in the riverside towns of:

• Henley

• Marlow • Maidenhead

Further Locations. If there is anywhere else you would like to discover, please do not hesitate to tell us. We are happy to mould our tours to suit your wants and requirements. 


London Sites

Contact us today if you would like to visit any London sites. Although these are particularly varied, we are happy to accommodate your desires if you wish to visit a specific location. We offer tours to include:

• Hampton Court
• Kew Gardens

• Syon House • Windsor Castle

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